I’m Miriam Dema, an artist and maker based in Los Angeles, CA.  I make hand crafted goods inspired by a love of adventure and exploration. As a native 3rd generation Californian; my love of California and the Southwest filters into my designs and creative expressions as I aspire to spark creativity, adventure and exploration in others. I have a background in fine art and printmaking having enjoyed a career in the arts for many years.

My husband and I run a local company, SSR Sound– we provide audio equipment for live shows, weddings and events so I’m busy making things happen for special events every day. We live and work in the mountains above Los Angeles with bobcats and mountain lions for neighbors but we’re about 20 minutes from downtown, kinda the best of both worlds. Feel free to come by and we’ll go for a hike!

My work is available online and at local shows and retailers, I love seeing where my things end up over the years. If you’ve purchased something I've made send me a photo of it in your home or hashtag it #miriamdema online! 

See you later! Miriam Dema