Cobalt Sun Naja Crescent Necklace

Cobalt Sun Naja Crescent Necklace


Hand tooled leather necklace inspired by the sacred Naja Crescent symbol and inspired by our rising and setting sun throughout time.

The inverted crescent pendant on squash-blossom necklaces, called the 'Naja' by the Navajo,  is found in various design forms throughout the world cultures. Naja (názhah) in the Navajo language means "crescent shape" or "curve."

As a crescent, this form goes back as far as the Paleolithic period. It is mentioned in the book of Judges as an ornament worn around the necks of camels.  In the Phoenician culture, Astarte was the goddess of fertility and she was represented by the inverted crescent as well.   As pendants, the inverted crescent has also been found in ancient Roman, and Crete artifacts.   

The Moors – who dominated Spain for eight centuries – adopted the crescent as a horse’s bridle ornament, to protect the horse and rider from “the evil eye” with a symbol of luck.  It was often used on the browband of Moorish Horses. The Spanish then brought the idea to the Americas in the late 16th century. It is thought that it was handed down from the Spanish Moors to Mexico and then to the Navajo Indians.

My crescent Naja necklaces are made of leather, cut to shape, hand dyed or finished and hand sewn. 

• Necklace is roughly 16"-30" fully adjustable, no clasp - pull over head. It can be worn with shorter with extra long ties or extra long with shorter ties.
• Naja pendant is 3" by 3".
• Cobalt blue also varies slightly from necklace to necklace depending on leather.
• Natural leather will age and get softer with time.
• This item is made to order- allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

All original artwork and designs, handmade in small batches at my studio in the Los Angeles mountains. Variation will occur from item to item. Please message with any questions!

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