Moon over Los Angeles

Moon over Los Angeles


"Moon over Los Angeles" 2014
1 layer hand printed screen print on archival paper.
Closed limited edition of 22
16" x 20"

I walk a lot a night and watching the moon rise over the mountains is one of the greatest joys of living where I live. So often I look up and it's sitting there, just hovering and GIANT over the beautiful Los Angeles Mountains. It takes my breath away every time. To play on that feeling when it feels like you could just reach out and grab the moon I designed this print for the moon to be just as huge as glorious as it is in my mind when I close my eyes after seeing it like that. It looms over us as if you could reach out and touch it.

The actual image for the moon I got from an open source site online- I wanted to have something that had all that detail I can't get with my iPhone. The image of the mountains below is a photograph I took on a walk in the mountains across the valley from my house with my iPhone.
The color is the deepest, darkest blue black. The photo above shows that it's not black at all and you can see how small the dots are. Teeny, tiny wonderful dots.

I print all of my prints at my studio in the Los Angeles Mountains. I am inspired by my surroundings, the greater Los Angeles area and often the wildlife just out my studio door. This print is signed, dated and will ship in a card board tube. This is a closed edition; once they are gone there will not be any more.

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